I am equally fascinated by urban life, nature and contemporary culture. Combining ideas from these sources, I use the language of form to express myself in a way that is synthetic and abstract yet familiar. 

I have worked extensively in glass, wood and metal but now work exclusively in wood, a material that is natural, “living", sustainable and imperfect. I often leave imperfections as added visual texture, a record of the material's natural origin and as a subtle reminder of our own natural and imperfect state.

I have several different bodies of work in progress at the same time, which allows me to express myself in different ways while keeping my creative process interesting and challenging.

In a world of digital everything, I want my work to be analogue, hand made, and to say "made of wood". Refined but not rarefied.

My work has been featured in galleries across the US and can be found in many private collections. I am currently represented by Meyer Gallery, Park City, Utah